Stone Care

It’s our job to assess and service your stone according to your needs, whether that means simply rejuvenating or completely transforming it. Residential services are typically completed by request, while it is suggested that commercial spaces follow a seasonal or annual maintenance schedule. In the long run, regularly maintaining your marble surfaces is the most economical way to keep your surfaces protected and looking optimal all year round.


Seam, chip and crack repair

On-site colour matching

Long lasting results

Cracks and chips in natural stone may occur over time, caused by any number of factors, from structural movement to accidental damage. We use high quality epoxy resins that are colour matched on-site to repair the damaged areas. Our epoxy repairs are also ground, leveled, and re-surfaced to match the surrounding stone.


Scratch repair

Etch removal

Wide range of finishes

Over time all marble floors will show signs of wear, including dullness and light scratches, particularly in high traffic areas such as hallways or lobbies. If a floor is maintained regularly, all wear patterns and most light scratches can be fixed with a one-step polishing process. However, if a floor becomes heavily damaged, it is necessary to grind into the surface of the stone before restoring to the desired finish.

Shower & Bath

Marble cleaning

Mould removal

Silicone replacement

Mould and mildew thrive in showers due to the heat and dampness brought about by daily use. Due to the sensitivity of most natural stone, harsh cleaners cannot be used, allowing hard water and soap mildew to quickly build up. Our solution is to avoid any acids or harsh cleaners and instead mechanically clean your stone surfaces. Steam or alkaline cleaners are used to sanitize the space. Failed silicone is removed and replaced with mildew-resistant silicone designed specifically for use on natural stone. Once restored, the sealer and silicone will prevent water absorption and prolong the life of your stone. Please see our stone care guide for tips on maintaining your natural stone shower.

Marble mould removal


Penetrating sealers

Transparent or colour enhancing

Food safe

Marble sealing
Sealed marble

Natural stone is often installed without sealer. If left unsealed, water will darken stone temporarily, while oil and other food products can cause permanent discoloration. It is recommended that stone in high traffic areas is cleaned and re-sealed every 2-3 years. Daily use showers may need to be sealed more often.

We offer both transparent and colour-enhancing sealers. Transparent sealer will not change the appearance of the stone and is usually used with polished stone. Colour-enhancer achieves a wet-look/darker finish. It is usually used on dark honed marble, as a low-maintenance alternative to a polished finish.


Lippage removal

Single slab effect

Colour matched epoxy seams

Lippage removal

The optimal finish of natural stone is achieved by having the entire area ‘ground in place’. Also known as the “single slab effect”, all areas become a single flat sheet, without variations in the height of the tiles, thus drastically minimizing the appearance of grout lines. This work is best done early in a renovation, ideally before cabinets and baseboards are installed. No grout should be used by the installers, a colour matched epoxy can be used in it's place. With dramatic veined material, we can pattern match the epoxy as well.