Marble Care Guide

simple steps to maintaining your natural stone

Floor Maintenance:

Natural stone floors are susceptible to many forms of wear depending on the location and use. Over time dirt and fine grit will scratch the surface of the stone, making it look dull, and revealing traffic patterns.


+ Do  Dust mop floors frequently, removing dust and grit.

+ Do  Wash the floors with warm, clean water and diluted mild/neutral dish soap. Always use the mop as dry as possible to avoid sitting water.
+ Do  Rinse floors after washing, with clear, clean water and a wrung out mop.

+ Do  Put carpets and door mats in your foyer to collect dirt, debris and other pollutants.
+ Do  Put felt pads under any furniture on your marble floor.
+ Do  Use special bases for potted plants, avoiding iron or other materials which can stain the floor.

- Do Not Clean your floors with vinegar or any acidic or dry/abrasive cleaners.
Do Not Let spills sit, blot them up immediately, and wash the area with clean water.
- Do Not Wait until your floor is heavily damaged to have it restored, regular maintenance is more cost effective in the long run.

Counter Top Maintenance:

Whether in your kitchen or bathroom, special attention is needed to ensure products you use daily won’t etch or stain the stone. Using trays, coasters and place-mats is the first step in protecting your counter tops from accidents.


+ Do Use coasters and placemats while eating, and cutting boards for food preparation.
+ Do  Keep all your daily bathroom products on a tray. Contact lens cleaner, soap, and other bathroom products can easily etch the surface of a polished counter top. Test in an inconspicuous place to be sure.
+ Do Read the ingredients of all soaps and moisturizers, even though they may be natural, they may contain acids (such as citric acid) that will etch marble surfaces.
+ Do  Wash counter tops regularly with a neutral soap diluted in water. Using a wet microfiber cloth to wash and a dry microfiber cloth to dry will prevent streaking


- Do Not Use Windex, abrasive cleaners, calcium removers, or other aggressive cleaners.

- Do Not  Prepare food or eat directly on a marble counter top.

- Do Not Stand or sit on countertops.

- Do Not  Let spills sit, blot them up immediately, and wash the area with clean water.


Bath/Shower Maintenance:

Showers are constantly exposed to water and steam. To ensure the stone in your shower stays clean, sealed and mold free, showers should be re-sealed and have the silicone replaced every 2-3 years.

+ Do  Squeegee the walls of your shower after every use, this will prevent soap and calcium build up.

+ Do  Check all silicone and marble seams for leaks, as water absorption can discolor your stone.

+ Do  Use a solution of 1/10 dilution of bleach in water monthly for cleaning, this will prevent mold.

+ Do  Use a tray for soaps, shampoos and conditioners if you suspect they will etch the stone.

+ Do Let steam vent out of showers after use.

- Do Not Use ‘Fantastic’ or other calcium and soap scum removing cleaners, they will etch the stone.

- Do Not Ignore mold, which usually indicates sitting water and potential leaks.

If you have marble, limestone or travertine and some quartzites...