Transparent Stains

Transparent stains are made of linseed oil, consisting of transparent oxide pigments for enhanced sun protection that retain the natural beauty of the wood. We recommend transparent stains on new wood and wood that is regularly maintained because these stains tend to fade quicker than the others.

Natural Tone



Red Wood

Semi-Transparent Stains

Semi-transparent stains are made of linseed oil and extra transparent oxide pigment for greater sun protection. These stains are especially recommended for cedar wood as the grains and knots become more vibrant.

Rustic Brown

Drift Wood

Sierra Redwood

Cedar Tone

Semi-Solid Stains

These deep, rich stains hide blemishes while allowing the texture of the wood to show through. Armstrong-Clark’s stains have at least twice the coloured pigments of the other products on the market. These stains are recommended for older wood that has not been regularly maintained.

Oxford Brown

Woodland Brown