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Pre Delivery Inspections (PDI's)

We understand the relationship between builder and prospective buyers, let us make the transition between construction and customer service easier. We offer preliminary inspecting of all new suites and homes in order to help diagnose whether damaged surfaces can be repaired or if replacement is necessary. We can break down associated costs and create a timeline that works within the delivery schedules. It is important to have as many items repaired prior to customer inspections for occupancy transition to be smooth and cost effective.


Material Selection

As a restoration company we are exposed to more varieties of material than most contractors or designers. We are in the position to see how certain families of stone may wear in short and long term use when regularly exposed to moisture (showers, exterior), and their resilience to staining and scratching (kitchens). Weeding out weaker materials for stronger but similar looking alternatives is an important first step to insuring a happy home owner in the long run. Furthermore, educating your customer service staff on the differences between granite, marble, quartz and artificial materials will lead to confident decision making when interacting with your prospective clients.


High Volume Cleaning & Sealing

Professional cleaning and sealing of natural stone is recommended after all newly completed construction project, this is the ideal time to protect the grout and surface from future staining. Even if a material is sold already sealed, between it's installation and the introduction of cleaners and other contaminants during the construction process, most material has very little active sealer left by the time the property is occupied by a home owner. We offer competitive, per square foot pricing for high volume cleaning and sealing without compromising on the quality of sealers used.



Specialty cleaning

We have extensive experience dealing with the toughest stains caused by construction. We can remove oil based stains, rust, adhesive markings, excess cement/mortar residue and much more both on interior and exterior projects. With our knowledge of what products to use for each situation, we can offer quick and budget friendly solutions to make your site ready for occupancy.




We take safety seriously and are prepared to adapt to the safety protocols dictated by your job site. Our workers are all certified in fall arrest and WHMIS,  and are always equipped with MSDS documentation. We make no compromises when working in both non-occupied and occupied residencies. We follow specific safety protocols with regards to exposing our workers or the client to hazardous materials, and hold regular safety meeting to re-enforce those protocols.  Intex Surface Solutions ltd. is both privately insured as well as WSIB insured, with comprehensive coverage.