Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Long Term Maintenance Solutions

Commercial properties should have a stone maintenance program that is designed for the facility and type of natural stone. Avoid expensive major restoration projects through regular maintenance. Intex Surface Solutions offers customized maintenance programs that can guarantee you will never need to restore your floors again. Keep your commercial spaces looking beautiful all year around. Our skilled technicians know what it takes to maintain your floors and are accustomed to working in lobbies and office buildings where there may be guests or clients.

• Lobbies & common areas

• Scheduled maintenance plans

• Consultation

• Interior/exterior

• 24 hour scheduling available

• Wax removal

• Anti-slip

Commercial Spaces, lobbies, reception, offices
We restore retail stores, offices, reception and other common spaces.

Scheduled Maintenance

It is suggested that commercial spaces follow a seasonal or annual maintenance schedule. Generally, a floor left unattended will take much more work to be restored, thus costing equal or more than regular maintenance in the long run. Maintenance is key to keeping your foyer or lobby protected and looking optimal all year round.


Let us share our knowledge with you. When a commercial space seems damaged beyond repair, there is difficulty maintaining the surface, or a major renovation has just occurred we may have the solution for you. We can recommend a change in the floors finish, removal of wax or other coatings, appropriate cleaners and sealers that will not ruin your natural stone and help prolong their luster going into the future. We can also help educate your cleaning staff on how to properly maintain your surfaces.

Wax Removal

Wax coatings are common in many commercial spaces, unfortunately wax and other coatings work against natural stone in the long run. Wax collects dirt, gets darker as more coats are applied, and traps moisture in natural stone. Over time, preventing natural stone from breathing breaks down the substrate of the material, causing cracking, and often permanent staining. Wax is especially damaging where temperature fluctuates drastically, areas around windows and doors will quickly show signs of staining and efflorescence as moisture condensates within the material.  Once all wax is removed, and the stone is restored to it's original condition, future maintenance is easy.

Commercial Spaces, lobbies, reception, offices
Lobby restoration

Pressure Washing

We offer full exterior pressure washing of your storefront, parking garages, patios and other common areas. It's our goal to make seasonal maintenance a breeze both inside and outside.


All of our maintenance services aim to ensure long lasting beauty while ensuring safety in all areas. Not only are our sealers and finishes non slippery, anti-slip epoxies can be installed or replaced on most natural stone staircases or ledges. Unlike traditional adhesive based anti-slip strips, we create a channel in the surface to hold our premium epoxy + anti-slip mixture in place.

Commercial Spaces, lobbies, reception, offices
Epoxy repair in banquet hall
Anti-slip epoxy on stairs
24 hours servicing

Overnight and Holiday Scheduling Available